Makeup Expiration Dates – Shelf Life of Makeup

Most women would find it hard to believe that makeup and beauty products too have an expiration date. What harm could that innocent looking, expensive night cream that’s a little over 3 years old possibly do during the course of external application! Well, for one it would be past its prime, in that, it would simply not have any effect on your skin. So basically you would just be dabbing on lots of wax on your face. Same goes for sunscreens and most other application products whose active ingredients become ineffective past the use-by date. Of course, there are few others that might wreak havoc with your sensitive skin and even cause infections.

Harmful Effects of Using Out-of-date Beauty Products

Acne patches
Blemishes on the skin
Discoloration of the skin
Eye infections manifesting as watery eyes, dryness of eyes or redness
Rashes and other allergic reactions

Makeup Shelf life

U.S. labeling regulations do not make it mandatory to display makeup expiration dates on most beauty products. For this reason, a lot of women believe that they probably can be used forever. Nothing could be further from the truth! So, go grab your vanity kit and you’ll surely find several things in there that you may want to toss out immediately. Do not feel guilty if you haven’t used it since buying it months ago. Don’t let the cost of the product determine its mileage. You might end up spending more time and money in treating the side-effects of using an old, “expired” product than chucking it out and buying a new one. The table below lists down some common beauty products and their respective shelf life for your ready reference.

Beauty/Makeup Product Typical Shelf Life
Mascara 3-4 months
Face Makeup (Liquid: liquid foundation, concealing liquids, liquid/cream blush, eyeshadow, etc.)

Avocado Oil for Skin

Benefits of avocado oil for skin

Did you know?
Avocado is also called alligator pear, because of its rocky skin and pear-like shape.
Avocado oil comes from the fruit avocado, and is an edible oil. Other than its cooking purposes, you can use this oil for natural skin care. Avocado oil contains vitamin E, which helps to maintain a smooth and clear complexion.
Many people use avocado fruit for many face pack and skin treatments. However, cutting and scooping the fruit to use it for skin treatments can get tedious. Instead, you can use oil of avocado for skin treatments.
Avocado Oil Benefits

~ Avocado oil gives a soothing and softening effect to the skin.
massage oil
~ Avocado oil is also used as a massage oil.
~ It is also used to treat cramps, and used in body lotions and hair care products.
~ Avocado oil contains vitamins A, D, and E and provides a soothing effect to skin, but it is especially good for dry skin and aging skin.
~ This oil is high in sterolin, and studies show that sterolin reduces the occurrence of age spots and help to softens the skin.
~ Oil from avocado is very helpful for dry and itchy skin.
~ It also increases the production of collagen, and prevents aging of the skin.
~ It is very good for healing and soothing diaper rash.
~ You can use this oil for scaly skin and scalp treatment.
~ This oil is good for natural skin care, as it greatly penetrates the skin, and helps to keep the skin well-moisturized.
~ It is also very helpful in skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and solar keratosis.
~ This oil helps to heal skin burns and wounds faster.
~ It is widely known

How to Test Makeup Products Before You Buy

Testing lipstick

Women are always attracted to shiny, shimmery, sparkling, glamorous, and all such similar things. Makeup is one of them. Some are born with an innate flair for choosing the right products, and then there are the rest who find it tough to decide which is the best.

To catch the latest trend, they run bonkers from one cosmetic store to another. In the hope of transforming their look with a single brush flick, they end up buying junk that they either don’t use or don’t know how it’s used.

But it’s not the fault of women! Our cursory society gives so much importance to physical appearance that it becomes necessary to don a made-up look. That being said, it can be declared that makeup is cardinal. It packs our confidence and happiness in smart covers and makes it easily available at multiple beauty counters.

These beauty counter encounters are, most of the time, painful and downright confusing. The staff at the counters are eager to take you through a humble demo of almost everything. To stop them and tell your preferences, you need some real guts.

Here, you will find some tips on how to test makeup products before buying, so that the next time you approach that department store beauty counter, you will do it with aplomb.

Checking for Suitability: Do a Patch Test

It is the most important step before purchasing any kind of makeup products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Doing a patch test is very easy. It should be done on the inside of the wrist or elbow. The patch should be cleaned thoroughly, and the product that you want to check should be applied on it. For at least 24 hours, the area should not be wetted or washed. After 24 hours, you

Almond Oil for Skin

Benefit of almond oil for skin

Almond oil is extracted from the dried kernels of sweet almonds. Almonds are grown in many regions of the world, with California being the largest producer. The oil has been found to be beneficial, since many centuries, and in many traditional forms of medicines. It was, and still is popularly known as Roghan Badam in Ayurveda, and Tibb Yunani, in the Greco-Persian system of medicine. It is one of the prominent carrier oils, or ingredients, in many beauty and cosmetic products. Its nourishing properties make it a valuable skin care ingredient. It has a slight yellowish tinge to it, with a very peculiar sweet odor.
Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin Care
almond oil is highly lubricating
► People with dry skin find its high lubricating quality very useful, as the oil gets absorbed quickly in the skin and helps to repair dry, cracked and flaky skin. This oil is used by many who have suffered skin allergies and want to prevent further moisture loss. It has proved to be a soothing agent for treating skin allergies and inflammation. It can smoothen hard skin, especially on the elbows, knees and heels. Chapped skin, or minor wounds and infections can also be treated with almond oil.
apply almond oil at night
► It is best to apply almond oil at night, after thoroughly cleaning the face and neck to reduce the number and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.. One can do it every alternate day, or just twice in a week. Almond oil contains natural antimicrobial properties, which help prevent the spread and growth of bacterial infections responsible for acne, wounds, or other infections. Its emollient property will rejuvenate and tighten the skin. It also heals sunburn

Must-have Grooming Products for Men

Wet shaving kit - a must-have grooming product for men

There has been a lot said and done so that men can have their own range of grooming products. Cosmetic companies have specially formulated creams, face washes, and other products specifically for men so that they do not have to use products made for women. There are numerous shows demonstrating the use and benefits of such products, which has led to more men becoming self-conscious. Men have started looking into their grooming on a daily basis, and not just for important interviews, meetings, birthdays, and other special occasions. As we all know, grooming not only pertains to skin care products, it also includes nails, hair, and body products.

Keeping that in mind, given in this Buzzle write-up is a compilation of grooming products and equipment that all men should own and use.
Stock Your Cabinets With …

Skin Care Products

Markets are flooded with skin care products, like cleansers, toners, moisturizer, scrubs, face washes, packs, etc., specifically meant for men. If you are confused about which products to use, then the first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. Based on this, choose products. Always remember that the soap you use while bathing should not be used for your face, as the chemicals in it can cause irritation to your skin. If you can, try to opt for herbal products, as they are the best if you want your skin to look youthful always. So, when you go shopping for your toiletries, make sure to buy a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to use daily.

Hair Care Products

When it comes to hair, men do not actually have to spend too much time and effort to groom it. All they need is a good shampoo, conditioner,

Benefits of Rose Oil for Skin

Fact about rose oil

Rose is a beautiful flower with an exquisite sweet fragrance. And it doesn’t mind lending some of its beauty to us. The rose essential oil, derived from fresh rose petals through the process of steam distillation, works wonders on the skin, making it healthy, fresh, soft, and supple. Traditionally, it is extracted from Rosa damascena or Damask rose, a special type of rose which is harvested commercially on a large scale to produce rose essential oil and rose water. The best quality rose oil is found in Bulgaria as Damask rose is grown on a large scale there.
Earlier, rose oil was used mainly for making perfumes. But now, its benefits for skin care have managed to increase its popularity in the beauty and cosmetic industry as well. It is also used as a key ingredient in a wide range of skin care products.
Rose Oil Uses
Rose oil has a complex chemical composition with several biologically active ingredients that have an amazing effect on various skin problems. Listed below are some of its many benefits.
Rose oil has an excellent moisturizing effect on dry and chapped skin. When applied on dry skin, it nourishes the skin and helps it retain moisture.
Skin Toner
Rose oil is good for oily skin, and can be used as a skin toner. It acts as an astringent, that helps in tightening skin tissues, opening skin pores on the face, and controlling the greasiness. It can fight off facial skin wrinkles and various other signs of aging really well, since it contracts the facial muscles a bit, which in turn uplifts sagging skin.It has a cooling effect and soothes sunburned and highly sensitive skin.
Antibacterial Properties
Rose oil has antibacterial properties that can cure skin

Vitamin E Oil for Face

Vitamin E oil for face

Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant vitamin that is highly beneficial to our body. Although the prime function of vitamin E is protecting the cell membranes of the body, it also plays a role in maintaining a healthy blood count, healthy heart, muscles, nerves, skin and hair. Vitamin E is available in green leafy vegetables and fruits like mangoes, papayas, raspberries, etc.
We can also furnish our body with required amounts of vitamin E by taking vitamin E supplements containing vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is considered nothing less than a beauty solution, which heals and rejuvenates skin. Vitamin E oil for face, skin, hair and cuticles is known to work wonders! Let’s have a look at the benefits of vitamin E oil on the face.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Face
Vitamin E oil is a colorless, viscous fluid that is slightly difficult to spread across the skin. The oil feels really sticky while and after application, however, it gets absorbed quickly into the underlying tissues of the skin. It works on the underlying layers of the skin and leaves the surface of the skin smooth and soft, which is why it is ideal for dry skin. Pure vitamin E oil for your face is available at the stores.

Vitamin E Oil for Wrinkles and Age Spots
Vitamin E oil has wonderful anti-aging properties. Its antioxidant properties block free radical damage caused by exposure to UV rays, which is what is responsible for formation of wrinkles and age spots. Vitamin E also boosts collagen production in the skin, which maintains skin elasticity and again prevents wrinkle formation. Besides slowing down the pace of wrinkle formation, vitamin E also helps fade wrinkles by enhancing cell regeneration and repair.

Beauty Mistakes That Make Women Look Old

Beauty mistakes that make women look old

Looking beautiful and evergreen is every woman’s greatest desire. But the fairer sex does tend to goof-up on beauty-related matters, that make them look older than they are. Every woman makes fashion mistakes, unknowingly, by just following the trend of the season. The main culprits of a beauty blunder are the makeup products used. Concealer, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, liner and lipstick, if not used properly, can make a 20-year old woman look like she is in her mid-30s, but if used well, can minus years of her face. Makeup trends like colors to use, highlighting points of the face, etc., keep changing, but the basics of donning cosmetics remain the same.

The easiest way to avoid looking older than what you really are, is mastering the subtle art of applying makeup. The beauty mistakes that make women look old, corrective measures, and some quick-fix tips are listed below, and will definitely help you look simply stunning.

Common Beauty Mistakes

The first mistake women make regarding beauty is the foundation and concealer that they choose. While picking a foundation, you must take into account a few factors such as the shade and type of the product, and also the shade and type of your skin.

It is very difficult to find an exact match to your skin color where foundation is concerned. That is why you should mix two shades to get the perfect shade, or you could go in for a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone, to give you that sun-kissed look. You should never go out without foundation, as the sun may cause irreparable damage to your skin.

Correct Way
Before applying foundation, the first thing to do is cleanse your skin well. After cleansing, you

How to Keep Your Skin from Thinning

Tips to prevent skin from thinning

Did You Know?
Excess consumption of alcohol or carbonated drinks can tarnish the appearance of your skin.
Aging of the body and its organs, which includes the skin, is inevitable and inescapable, but one can always delay this process by leading a healthier lifestyle. With age, the top layer of the skin loses its natural texture and eventually becomes thin, saggy, followed by formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
However, even during old age, you can still maintain the natural glow on the skin, provided you take proper care of your skin. So, to ensure that the beauty of the skin does not diminish with age, here’s what you can do.
Eat Skin-Friendly Foods

Our diet or the type of food we consume can have a negative or positive influence on our skin. Eating junk food daily will surely rob your skin of its healthy texture. These foods predispose your skin to a wide range of skin problems as well as accelerate aging of the skin. Therefore, discard processed foods and prefer natural, freshly-cooked foods. Including skin-friendly foods in the diet can go a long way in maintaining the beauty of the skin and prevent it from thinning.

Use Appropriate Moisturizers

Ignoring proper skin care routine can also lead to premature thinning of the skin. Our skin loses its moisture daily, making it dry and dull. The skin may crack and peel. Eventually the skin loses its elasticity, leading to thinning and formation of wrinkles. No matter what type of skin you have, make moisturizing an integral part of your skin care regimen. This will certainly help to preserve the natural moisture of the skin. Apply an appropriate moisturizer daily, to keep your skin from thinning. This works to keep the skin well-hydrated,

Difference Between Aftershave Lotion and Balm

Difference between aftershave lotion and balm

Historically, it is said that the use of aftershave was fairly common in Ancient Rome, wherein men applied aftershave-like products to keep bumps from forming on the skin.
The daily morning ritual of shaving is incomplete without applying an aftershave. It is normal for the facial skin to become rough after every shave as it comes in contact with harsh chemicals in the shaving cream. That is why an aftershave is recommended as it makes the skin smooth and firm. Simply put, aftershave formulations help calm agitated skin. It can also certainly help to combat razor bumps caused by shaving.

Aftershaves available in the market are manufactured mainly in lotion and balm form. The following Buzzle article differentiates between the two types of aftershaves:
Lotion Vs. Balm
♦ Aftershave lotion is essentially a runny liquid

♦ Typically, aftershave balm is sold in cream form.
Alcohol Content
♦ Aftershave lotion contains substantial amount of ethyl alcohol. In most cases, the content of ethyl alcohol in aftershave lotion is around 50%, but sometimes, the product may contain up to 90% ethyl alcohol.
♦ The level of alcohol in aftershave balm is very less―just 2 to 5%. However, quite a few brands manufacturing aftershave balm do not contain any alcohol. Simply put, alcohol-free balms are also available.
♦ Many men find aftershave lotion more invigorating as it has a strong fragrance. The fragrance is often described as powerful and captivating. The strong scent associated with the lotion can possibly make men more attractive and alluring.
♦ Compared to the lotion, the aftershave balm is delicately fragranced, which is actually soothing and pleasing to those who do not like a strong scent. In fact, quit a few users find its subtle fragrance comfortable